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5'3 x 23" x 3.5"

Wide tail for extra lift

Full Rail for float and riding above the bumps

Concave deck to keep you glued to the board in the thick of it!

5 Fin Futures setup, all encased in Divinycell high density foam for ultimate strength and longevity (never break a fin box)

1.5 Lb EPS core

Hull Layup: 2 layers 4oz "S" glass (30% stronger than "E" glass)                                             + 1 Layer of 6 oz S glass for total of 3 layers.

Deck Layup: 2 layers 4oz S glass

                        +1 6oz Volan

Comes with one (tri)  set of Futures F4 fins

Buyer pays shipping Via UPS/Fedex (~$125 for this size board)

5'3 TL Blinder

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