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Ride Hard

Last Long

High Quality Custom EPS/Epoxy Surfboard Manufacturer | TL Surf

Specializing In Custom High Performance Surf Craft Ranging From Adaptive Waveskis To Glassed Standup Boogie Boards For Standing/River Waves. All Boards Are Built To Last With Extra Reinforcements Utilizing The Highest Quality Materials And Craftsmanship.

Tried and True

Time Tested Performance and Strength Since 2008

100% Handmade

By One Set of Hands from Start to Finish

Built To Last

Extra Reinforced to Withstand the Harshest Environments

New and Used TL Surf

TL Surf  5'3 x 22" x 3.5"  5fin
5'3" x 22" x 3.5"
  • NEW

  • Flat Bottom

  • Concave deck

  • 5 fin Futures

  • 3x3 4oz S

  • Fin blocks

  • $1100 USD

Background Image Ashlie Standow

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